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“The Flight of Zechariah, 1992


September 27th – October 31st, 1992

Styrian Autumn, Graz

Curator: Claudia Jolles

In the framework of "The Flight of Zechariah”, 101 computer diskettes with the full text of the "Book of Zechariah” were buried in the ground all over a territory of a few hectares. These 101 places were linked to 101 photographs of the castle. The photographs were executed in advance by students and presented in the second part of the

Blue File, entitled Photographic Documentation. Working in the park, the author reconstructed the locations of and the direction in which the photographs were made and buried the diskettes in these places. Later, on July 3rd, 101 people were invited to stand at the places where the diskettes were buried. In all of this, the chosen

angles of vision were supposed to identify the territory of the park, which remained off-camera in the given photo shoots, as it were. This “invisible territory” was the same territory used in the preceding action, The Pastor’s Flowers. But on that day, on July 3rd 1992, at 14.30, the project’s author appeared in the sky in a two-seat airplane, flew over Castle Eybesfeld, performed three

circles over the 101 participants of the action, and flew away flapping his wings.

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