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Pastor Zond Editions include more than sixty publications. Vadim Zakharov’s professional artistic activities engage virtually all of them: in some cases the editions serve as dominant elements of his projects, in others they merely complement them, but the editions are almost always integrated into the development of a particular concept along its entire temporal trajectory. That is why they acquire different shades of the process itself.

AUTHORS: Nikita Alexeev, Yuri Albert, Sergei Anufriev, Ilya Kabakov, Yuri Leiderman, Igor Makarevich and Elena Elagina, Andrei Monastyrsky, Vladimir Naumez, Pavel Pepperstein, Viktor Pivovarov, Dmitri Prigov, Larisa Rezun-Zvezdochetova, Vladimir Sorokin, Nadezhda Stolpovskaya, Alexander Yulikov, Konstantin Zvezdochetov, Ivan Chuikov and others




This edition consists of two folding panels of

297 x 4200 mm. The black folding panel contains the initials of 19 Moscow artists, enclosed by computer-generated frames. The white panel contains 19 black-and-white photographs of the same artists as children: Nikita Alexeev, Yuri Albert, Sergei Anufriev, Ilya Kabakov, Nikolai Kozlov, Yuri Leiderman, Igor Makarevich, Andrei Monastyrsky, Vladimir Naumez, Pavel Pepperstein, Viktor Pivovarov, Dmitri Prigov, Larisa Rezun-Zvezdochetova, Vladimir Sorokin, Nadezhda Stolpovskaya, Alexander Yulikov, Vadim Zakharov, Konstantin Zvezdochetov, Ivan Chuikov

The edition appeared in 10 copies.




“The Pastor’s Covers”, 1994

The project for the series of these editions is related to the publication of the first issue of the magazine ”Pastor“. I asked the authors of the first issue and other potential authors of my magazine to draw  a sketch of what they think might be a good cover for it, so as to illustrate their attitude towards “Pastor”. A collection of these sketches constitutes the first series of the edition:” P A S T O R’ S   C O V E R S “.


Nikita Alexeev, Juri Albert, Sergei Anufriev,

Terry Atkinson, Sergei Volkov, Konstantin Zvezdochetov, Ilya Kabakov, Nikolai Kozlov, Maria Konstantinova, Juri Leiderman, Andrei Monastyrsky, Vladimir Naumez, Pavel Peppershtein, Dmitri Prigov, Vladimir Porudominsky,  Lev Rubinshtein, Andrei Filippov,

Nadezda Stolpovskaya, Sabine Hänsgen,

Ivan Chuikov

The edition is prepared for publication and

printed, the original files are handmade by:


Edition: 15 copies. Original sketch is enlarged by 400 %. Full size 840 x 1485 cm. Each file consits of 20 pages in format  A-4. The owners  have the opportunity to glue the parts together.

1994-1998. 212 x 300 mm. 20 copies


VOLUME No.1: Daniel Zakharov. My Adventures in the Garden (1); Darya Naumez. The Smart Seal. (2); Mitya Zakharov. Birds, Trees, Flowers, and Mushrooms, which Mitya Gathered, Smelled, Fed... (3); Ilya Naumez. My Friend the Ant (4); Gleb Albert. Riki-Taki (5); Natalya Albert. Pip (6); Dmitri Prigov. Children’s Tales (7)


VOLUME No.2: Alexandra Machabeli. War (8); Sonya Filippova. Goldfinch. (9); Alexander Mareev. Because (10); Nikolai Sheptulin. Catastrophes of the Sky (11); Sergei Anufriev. From the Bottom of My Heart (12); Vera Chlebni-kova. A Piglet’s Treasure (13); Pavel Pepperstein. Voices in a Chinese Restaurant (14); Daniil Zakharov and Dad. The Falcon Stone (15)


VOLUME No.3: Gosha Stefanov. The Pastor’s Lost Song (16); Vladimir Podrudominsky. On Buba and Laka (17); Anna Alchuk. From Slovarev (18); Mikhail Sukhotin. Dyr Byl Shchyl According to U Chen-Enyu (19); Ekaterina Stulova. The Album of Questions-Families (20); Daniil Filippov. Exercise Collection (21); Maria Konstantinova. Face Detector (22); Sergei Anufriev. Ping-Pong (23)


VOLUME No.4: Maria Sumnina. Inceclopidea of Animals (24); Marina and Natascha Kienja Das Drachenmärchen (25); Daniel Zakharov Meine Abenteuer in einem Wald und in einer Nachtstadt (26); Dina Guseinova Ein Zwergwesen (27); Nadezda Stolpovskaja Das ABC (28)​



32 x 447 mm. 12 copies


BOOK No.1: “How the Pastor Died, or How Chickens Picked Out his Brains in Moscow”

BOOK No.2: “How the Little Boy Dima Made Fun of the Pastor in the Submarine U-955”

BOOK No.3: “In Search of the Knight of the Rueful Countenance”


(Notebooks on the Stay of the Artist Vadim Zakharov in Japan).

      First Notebook. “Three Visions of the Holy Father on the Island of Komaemidgima on the Night from August 3rd to August 4th”.

      Second Notebook. “Black Spot at the Carnival in Marioko (Photograph Made at the Carnival in Marioko)”

      Third Notebook. “An Encounter with a Biker at Christ’s Grave in the Village of Shingo (Aomori Province)”

      Fourth Notebook. “Theological Conversations”

BOOK No.5: “Crimea - The Education of the Stupid”




Folding-screen, 420 x 7800 mm, in wooden

cover, 1997, 3 copies.

This publication is the result of a visit to the ethnographic museum in the town of Sankt Augustin (Germany) on March 1st, 1996. During this visit, I coincidentally shot a video on Catholic missionaries in China who had organized an academy of painting in Fu Chen. Filmed during a visit to the museum, this video material was shot in fragments and without the appropriate inner comprehension that it might be useful at some point in the future. I didn’t think of lighting or of using a tripod, nor did I consider the glass showcase through which I was filming. It was only later, when I watched this video at home, that I decided to make a series called “Missions”. The photographs presented here are stills from this video; they are fragments of the scroll that Chinese artists made in the 1920s-1930s. My choice of motifs was purely subjective and not comprehensive, even if it proved to be quite objective and even fairly conclusive in the framework of this edition. The omissions in the narrative of the gospel have only served to emphasize the stylization that these Chinese artists were able to execute so brilliantly.